Provide a unique and exciting travel experience for your users. Our technology permits for the download of real-time travel guides that are personalized (for the user), customized (with your branding, content, advertising and more), and date-specific.

The guides come in both the PDF and eBook (ePub) format. The guides can also be viewed and saved on any computer, Smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Nook, etc. They are easy to travel with as your users can take them along with them on their device of choice or even easily print them out at home.

The guides come in up to 6 languages including:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese

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Offer users your exclusive guide with date-specific events, weather, currency exchange… plus history, arts and much more! A travel guide they can print out or view on their Smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Nook and more! And even better yet, a travel guide that´s downloaded in just a couple clicks! Save your users time and money while adding a new product to our portfolio!

The travels guides, in and of themselves, are filled with useful information for your users. Helpful recommendations on the best restaurants, attractions, shops, and theaters are detailed in each guide. Perhaps the best feature of our guides is the date-specific events that share what´s happening while they are in town (concerts, shows, sporting events, etc.). Additionally, full-color high-resolution maps and photos are presented to your users in an easy-to-use and view format. Give your travel guide readers insider tips on where to eat, where to party and who to call if they get into any trouble! This, along with their name printed on the cover, will make them feel like you have a genuine interest in them, will make them feel appreciated and have them coming back for more!

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The design and contents of each guide are also totally customizable! You can add and delete anything from the guide. Companies have incorporated greetings, images, promotions (real-time with XML links to your backend), and custom advertising. The process of developing, designing and hosting your guides is all made easy and quick with the help of our dedicated team.
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Personalization is the key to making your users feel appreciated and important. Each guide will have the travelers’ name, destination they are traveling to and the dates they are traveling reflected on the cover. Frank Köelsch - Head of Contracting
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