Using the Guiomatic Online Control Panel , which is configured specifically for each client depending on their integration type, clients will see real-time data visualization that communicates insight about their guidebook solution. Our technology also gathers all user input (destination, dates, name, time of download, device, IP, interests, type of traveler, and any custom fields included in the widget) and makes that information available (can be viewed or downloaded easily in .csv files) directly through our OCP. We also have an API available which allows all this information to hook directly into our clients CRM.

Provide your organization with a competitive advantage in the market and stability in the long run by increasing the knowledge you have on users. Exploiting the intelligence acquired by each user will allow you to send them the most relevant promotions, upsells and discounts and plan your marketing campaigns with a better knowledge of your audience.

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How does it work

When a user decides to generate a guide you can ask them certain questions that you might have been able to find out otherwise... for instance the type of traveler they are (business, family with young children, etc.), their email, etc. Our technology gathers all of the users input (destination, dates, name, time of download, etc.) and makes that information available to your brand via an API or the Online Control Panel we supply every client.

- Integrate our guidebook-generating widgets anywhere to provide an all-in-one marketing tool that helps attract, engage and contact new qualified leads.

- The integration time on your end is minimal... just tell Guiomatic where you want the tool (Facebook app, your web, a custom landing page which we host and develop for you...)!

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This product is innovative and gives us good information about our audience. Every time a user downloads a guide from our widget, we know where that person may want to travel and during what dates. We even get information like what type of traveler they are, which is excellent for preparing new marketing campaigns. This product is helpful to our company and to our travelers. Brett Gould - Vice President
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