Regardless of your integration needs, Guiomatic offers a complete range of ways to integrate our travel guide-generating platform wherever and however you want it. Whether you are a small company or a large one, there is an integration solution for you!

Our IT department will work with you every step of the way to get your integration done fast and effectively. Integration can take as little as a few hours and has never taken longer than a couple weeks... even with our multi-national clients.

Our team has worked with companies that are very small, companies that outsource their IT and very large companies…therefore we have the experience and proof that we can implement our product anywhere and fast!

Dynamic Integration

Integration can be as dynamic as you need it to be.... it can be connected with your backend or not! Fields can be pre-filled in with your user’s information or they can be left open. You can allow all of our destinations and languages to be available or just the ones you choose. The possibilities are endless and we are confident we can make whatever your needs are HAPPEN (and fast)!

Your Integration Options:

1) Deploy a fully hosted widget and be up and running in minutes!
2) Give real-time access to all the content Guiomatic offers using our API.
3) Use XML feeds which can be limited based on your selected parameters.
4) Any suggestions? We are flexible, enthusiastic and pretty bright... try us!

Our integrations are simple and fast. If your IT department is backed up, we can still find a way to get your platform up and running in no time and with minimal effort on your end!

Guiomatic’s proactive and helpful team provided clear guidance and assistance at all stages. First class implementation support. Fiona Belton - Senior Account Executive
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