The key to keeping a customer is giving them more of what they want. 71% of travelers say it´s important or very important to get destination information after deciding on their destination. Our brand loyalty solution is the opportunity to promote your brand meanwhile giving customers the information they want before they depart.

The Guiomatic brand loyalty solution keeps you in touch with your current customers by offering them a free travel guide to the destination they are travelling to. Whether you send them a PDF or eBook guide attached to their pre-arrival email or send them a link to the guide generation platform where they can decide exactly which guide they want to download, you will be giving them something they desire.... relevant, accurate, fast and free destination information!

The workflow below shows exactly how Latin America’s number 1 Online Travel Agent delivers guides to their customers using the Guiomatic Brand Loyalty solution. It is just one example of how we can deliver guides to customers in an effort to keep them coming back as repeat customers!

Give the gift of accurate and relevant destination information! Surprise your customers with a personalized handy digital guide that will educate them and at the same time differentiate your brand from the competition.

Guiomatic's Solutions Brochure
Customer loyalty has definitely increased since Despegar Online implemented the travel guides for customers whom had already made a reservation. We started sending free guides to customers whom had made a booking to one particular destination and we have seen such great results we are now implementing this brand loyalty solution for all our customers… Silvana Fucci - Brand Loyalty Director
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