Guiomatic has a vast database of destination content covering approximately 10,000 worldwide destinations in up to six languages. The database is continuously being enlarged and edited by our team of over 50 editors to ensure accurate content for a growing number of destinations and languages. The editorial content offers touristic information covering the history, arts, architecture, districts, points of interest and much more. Every 6 – 18 months each destination is fact-checked and edited to make sure the content is up-to-date and accurate.

Guiomatic now offers content via API so that companies can better promote the destinations they serve on their Webpages and applications (without the use of our guidebook generating platform). You may test our API using the following link: . This API will allow you to get content for 5 of our destinations FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY. Please contact Guiomatic directly if you would like further information.
Our Content API customers can hook into Guiomatic's database of over 10,000 destination in up to 6 languages!