In today’s market it is getting increasingly more difficult to increase your company's bottom line, especially without big upfront costs. Guiomatic presents our business clients with 3 ways of increasing revenue:

1) If you are in the tourism sector, we will pay you to use our guidebook-generating platform in exchange for the lead! We will set up the platform free of charge and pay you up to 8 cents per unique lead for each unique user who downloads a guide! Contact us for more information!

2) Adding advertising inside your guides (as a standard we do not include any advertising)

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3) Adding guides (or entrance into the widget) as an extra in your brands online shopping cart or onsite at your local storefronts

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Expanding your offer by presenting your customers with a travel guide will allow you to not only give them a full-service experience when shopping with you but will also make you some extra money in your pocket. Additionally, the guide is a great way to raise brand awareness, as they will be re-jacketed with your companies branding and you can even add own advertising inside the guide for more opportunities to earn profit.

The travel guides make me extra money! We sell our guides for 2 GBP and approximately 12% of our total reservations end up adding a guide to their shopping cart, so we make a nice profit. Additionally, we get great feedback from our customers! They enjoy the great travel information, especially since it´s based on the dates they are traveling. Steve Dennis - Managing Director
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