Guiomatic creates very low cost digital guidebooks which are similar to the traditional paper format yet they include date-specific events, weather and currency exchange information (updated daily) in addition to the traditional guidebook chapters (for example, things to see and do, get in, history, etc.). The technology basically collects and classifies the relevant destination information for our content team to review, edit and publish. At the same time we have agreements with event providers worldwide which update over 1 Million events via API´s on a daily basis. In terms of technology, we have three key elements: the first is a heuristic detection system, where our system constantly looks for new sources of information and pre-classifies it for our content team to later validate and incorporate into the guides. The second is a content rating system that automatically, using tools of natural language recognition and artificial intelligence, determines the most appropriate content for every type of traveler. The third is the architecture that allows the generation of guidebooks in digital format completely updated with very low latency.

This technology is flexible and allows you to have a mix of real-time, editorial and custom content in one handy easy-to-use and view digital guide.

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Personalization is the key to making your users feel appreciated and important. Each guide will have the travelers’ name, destination they are traveling to and the dates they are traveling reflected on the cover. Frank Köelsch - Head of Contracting & Pricing
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Guiomatic’s proactive and helpful team provided clear guidance and assistance at all stages. First class implementation support. Fiona Belton - Senior Account Executive
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