In 2008, our founding fathers set out to find a better, faster and less expensive way to find quick, quality and relevant destination information. The current traditional guidebook publisher’s content was expensive and out of date and finding content online proved to be long and tedious. They began by identifying quality sources of open source online destination information and copying it into their database. Soon after, the engineers created a guidebook-generating technology that gathered and classified the information based on the destination and language petitioned and downloaded them into digital formats (PDF and eBook) guides … all in just a few clicks. As the team kept finding more and more content sources, their database became so great they could now generate guides to almost any city in the world in up to six languages. The team even found date-specific event, weather and currency exchange sources that gave a more real-time feel to their content. The table of contents to the guides now combined editorial chapters like History, Things to See and Do, and Culture and real-time chapters date-specific chapters on Events, Weather and the Currency Exchange.

There are four values that, together, form the heart of our company and guide our behavior:
• Authentic
• Reliable
• Passionate
• Flexible

The team began testing their guidebook-generating platform on their website in early 2009. They allowed users to download guides in exchange for their feedback. Quickly they had more than 5000 visitors a month. For approximately 6 months the team relied on the public to draw attention to any errors or mistakes in the guides but in late 2009 they received enough funds to hire a team of editors to fact-check and edit their content database. In mid 2011 Guiomatic’s team of editors and fact-checkers had reviewed the top 4000 worldwide tourist destinations at least once. The entire product they had created was not only offering quality content but was doing it free of charge online! The website became so popular, they decided they were ready to form a business and finally monetize their hard work.

We are a technology company focused on creating innovative and tailor-made solutions for companies around the world. We develop, design and implement travel guides as an added value approach that results in eye-catching and customized travel guides that are 100% exclusive to our clients’ brand and are personalized for their customers (based on their name, dates of travel and more). We believe strongly in our solutions and focus on developing close partnerships with clients in order to meet their goals. We know our strengths and capabilities and we approach our business and relationships in a genuine manner. Honesty, dedication and enthusiasm are important business drivers for us. They are fundamental to our approach because we know this is the only way to ensure long-term relationships with all of our clients.

We have a great partnership with Guiomatic. The technology permits each visitor to select the destination and travel dates, but also the type of trip (solo, business, group, romantic...), the layout, the name on the cover and/or each chapter of the travel guides content. Customers love it, we have never had a complaint... only positive feedback! Silvana Fucci - Director of Customer Loyalty
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